Monday, February 22, 2010

Painting #8

Last Sunday's painting was so dull, I had nothing to say. I'd been trying to get the effect of something I'd seen in a fancy home-decorating magazine. The result was that the whole process lacked that sense of letting loose, surrendering to process.

This past Sunday's was more enjoyable. Although I feel I am still miles away from painting the things I see in my head, I feel it is important to continue. A few synchronistic events have conspired to keep me going. A wonderful BOOK I stumbled across in the bookstore makes me feel like I could paint (and write) for days. Maira Kalman illustrated The Elements of Style, I discovered, and I'm not surprised, as I was always drawn to that cover.

Also, Iryn and I took a little stroll through a wonderful local art gallery and were both very inspired. I find I am more drawn to art that feels loose and childlike rather than tight, orderly lines. Also, I've decided I'm going to get out the hand sander and try sanding the backgrounds one of these days...

This one is a little "Dr. Seuss", n'est-ce pas?

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