Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I got a blog award!

Yay! My first blog award! Yes, it was given to me by my good friend Elle at ElleStraussBooks (who posted THIS BRILLIANT SPEECH called "Dare to Suck"-very timely I might add, since my last painting did not turn out the way I wanted it to) and YES, she may be then ONLY person leaving comments in the comments section as of yet, but I still appreciate it!

The way it works is I am supposed to tell you 7 random things about ME, and then pass the award on the 7 other bloggers.

So here goes:

1. I drink tea non-stop throughout the day and get a little panicky if I go too long without it. (It's not the caffeine, it's something about having a warm cup in my hands)
2. I will never under any circumstances eat balogne.
3. I am a great speller, but just realized I'm not really sure how to spell balogne. Balogna? Balonie? Hmm...
4. My husband put me on a cheese budget because I LOVE CHEESE! (Cheese toast, cheese omelette, cheese and crackers, cheese sprinkled on salad....cheese gumbo, cheese kabobs, coconut cheese, pineapple cheese)
5. I panic a little in the toilet paper aisle of the grocery store. Do I buy the 12-pack with 2-ply or the 8 pack with 4-ply, or Jumbo rolls, or the cheap stuff or the really fluffy stuff? agh!!!!!)
6. My favorite band is the Weakerthans.
7. I like to garden but so far I am not very good at it and last year I killed all my cucumbers.

I have decided that I will pass this award on to the writers of the blogs I visit most frequently so you can discover them too...

1. Jen at her lovely blog where she posts random things about life.
2. Keri at her fabulous and fun playground.
3. Mel at Little Girl in the Big City
4. Andrea at Superhero Journal
5. My beloved sisters at Shutter Sisters photo blog
6. Ridiculously amazing artist mom Amanda Blake Soule at Soulemama
7. Another FABULOUS blog I visit most frequently

See you Sunday~

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  1. Awesome list, Kim! And we have more than writing in common, I see. I don't know how to spell balogna/e/y, either!