Sunday, January 17, 2010

Painting #3

I have to say, the bookshelf threw me. I'm not so into 3D.

But I'm enjoying the blotchy color and I like giving myelf permission to not have to do literal faces.

I began alone today, but the whole paint-needing-to-dry thing threw my time projection off again. I really need to get over this. I left it drying on the kitchen table, and got busy making soup, then went to finish it up quickly before supper. Or should I say, intended to finish it up quickly. As I started to squeeze colors, my 2 daughters couldn't resist. They promised they wouldn't get it on their clothes, and so I squeezed them each a little pallet. Iryn (age 7) painted a big black cloud (which seems fitting seeing as how she's been lately) and Ella (age 4) painted the two of us holding hands under the sun. The process was certainly not as peaceful as it had been earlier when I was alone, but it was good nonetheless. Maybe painting will become more of a communal thing around here than another one of my solitary pursuits. That would be fine with me.


  1. Hey there,

    Maybe painting is the way Iryn will find her happy place, too!

    I love your painting, btw.

  2. Hey,
    I left you an award at my blog. It might help get other bloggers to visit your page.